Mission and Vision


To be the top co-operative Apex body that serves as prime catalyst for the development of co-operatives in ASEAN region by 2020. 


To provide high quality products and services as well as protecting the interests and championing the rights of the co-operative movement through professional management


ANGKASA implements co-operative transformation programs through its participation in high value economy projects. The government has identified the 7 key economic sectors; Financial Services, Wholesale & Retail, Tourism & Healthcare, Agriculture & Agro-Base Industry, Plantation, Telecommunication, and Property Development. ANGKASA continues to carry out its core service which is providing salary deduction service to the government servants, co-operatives statutory bodies, clubs, school co-operatives, unions and GLC companies. ANGKASA maintains to play very active role in the formation and development of school cooperatives in Malaysia.

There are currently more than 12,000 co-operatives and over 7.5 million co-operators under the stewardship of ANGKASA. The Government launched the 2011 - 2020 National Co-operative Policy and through a tri-partite agreement between Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission (MCSC), ANGKASA and Cooperative College of Malaysia (CCM), ANGKASA has been given the following mandate:

  • To unite and represent co-operators in Malaysia at national and international level
  • To stimulate and develop the co-operatives business by identifying new business areas while developing and strengthening existing business to create a national and international network
  • To increase the understanding and practices of co-operative values and principles aligned with ILO Recommendation 193 which recognize co-operatives as a tool for economic and social development of the community


As part of the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme, ANGKASA plans to spearhead the movement to achieve signi­ficant contribution to the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product. The mechanisms and fundamentals to achieve this will ultimately rest on ANGKASA - innovativeness and strategies in leveraging available resources and networks.

ANGKASA has positioned itself on the global co-operative platform and has been entrusted to the Chairmanship as well as hosting the secretariat office of ASEAN Co-operative Organisation (ACO) and the ICA Asia Pacifi­c Malaysia Business Of­fice (MBO). With these responsibilities, ANGKASA is unswervingly developing new global economic total linkages in new partnerships / alliances and networks.