Discover Malaysia - Malaysia Signature Dish

Aside from sightseeing, Malaysia is famous for it’s array of dishes as the country has three main races and the food can be influenced from the neighbouring countries.

Each and every state holds its own dish but there is some dishes that is agreed by lots of us as the signature dish of Malaysia, and one of them is Nasi Lemak, literally translated to Fat Rice.

It's a comford food that can be enjoyed whether in the morning, afternoon or night! A plate of nasi lemak will usually comprised of coconut rice, chilli paste, an egg, fried anchovies and cucumber slices.

Go on and be adventerous by adding side dishes like chicken/beef rendang, fried chicken, sambal squid and the list goes on.

Please insist on banana leaf packaging and you’ll salivate yourself once it’s ready to be eaten.




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Kuala Lumpur City Center

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the city centre of Malaysia, lies the iconic tallest twin tower in the world, The Kuala Lumpur City Centre building or known to the world as KLCC.

The twin tower was officiated on 1st January 1998 comprise of 88 storeys housing several business hubs and shopping centres within the vicinity such as the Suria KLCC and Avenue K.

The place is bustling with tourist and locals most of the time as the building is easily accesible by public transport. You may shop and dine in Suria KLCC or families may spend their leisure time over here as the KLCC Park is located just down below.

Either you need a good jog, bringing your child for a swim in the kiddies pool or watch a man -made fountain with light shows as the night folds in. Whatever your reason to visit Kuala Lumpur, KLCC is definitely a spot you should not miss!

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