Road To ICAKL 2017 - Empowering Cooperative in Property and Building Sector

The involvement of cooperatives in real estate development as developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers of building materials as well as growing investor shall boost the country's construction industry.

However, the cooperative involved in property development is facing a number of challenges hence, the National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) continuously finding ways to support and develop the National Cooperative Movement that is involved in this sector by organizing a convention with the intention to engage cooperatives in the business of real estate and construction industries as well as forming a business network.

This effort is in line with the National Cooperative Policy (DKN) 2011-2020 outlines the sector as one of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) which is capable of delivering a big impact towards the cooperative movement.

The convention is an avenue for cooperative to form a network and supply activities to the cooperative involved in this sector. This shall assist cooperative to develop buildings and houses built at affordable prices and most importantly affordable for members of the cooperative. ANGKASA’s effort shall help the longevity and relevancy of cooperative involved in this sector.





National School Cooperative Recognized Globally

The increased number of Asian countries interested in referring Malaysia School Cooperative Movement to be applied in their respective countries is a prove that the movement is recognised globally. 

It was recently that a delegation from the Seoul Education Research and Information Institute came to ANGKASA to record a documentary and get a more detailed information on school  cooperative movement that is recognised as one of the best by International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) .

Seoul Education Research and Information Institute's Head of Production, Yi Yunjeong said the documentary on the school's cooperative movement would be used as a reference to the co-curriculum of schools in South Korea.

He said although some schools in Seoul have established their own cooperative movement since 2014, it has not grown the same as in Malaysia and has no part of the program that can relate to business activities.

"Meeting with ANGKASA, as well as visits to several successful school cooperatives, helps us to understand the management of school cooperatives including how students spend time managing their business in co-operative and while attending their class session," he said.


ANGKASA Continues Exploring Global Market

ANGKASA is optimist to explore cooperation opportunities with Mauritius Coorperative Alliance Ltd (MCUL) especially in the Tourism and Fishery Sector.

President of ANGKASA, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah, who is also President of ASEAN Cooperative Organization saw the potential to promote growth and internationalization of small and medium enterprises in stimulating the both country's economy especially in cooperative sector.

“The two counties has so much in common in many aspects such as its multicultural society and natural beauty, and Mauritus is one of the world's leading holiday destinations offering investment opportunities in the hotel industry and infrastructure development. “

Dato’ Abdul Fattah said this when accepting cooperation proposal from MCUL Secretary-General, KemwanteeBhemah during a meeting with 21 members of the cooperative from Mauritius during a visit to ANGKASA in Kelana Jaya.

During the visit,members of MCUL cooperative are interested in local cooperative products and are keen to import and market them in Mauritius.

"We hope this visit will open up bigger market opportunities between Mauritius and Malaysia especially for co-operative movements in both countries," he said.


Gearing Towards ICAKL 2017

The Steering Committee meeting was held on Aug 10 to discuss and update the preparation of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference & General Assembly (ICAKL 2017) which will take place from 14 to 17 November 2017.

ANGKASA is the host to theglobal Co-operative Assembly carries the theme "Cooperative: Putting People at the Center of Development".

In conjunction with ICAKL 2017, ANGKASA will also hold the Malaysian Carnival of Co-operatives' Products and Services (MACCOPS) from 15th to 19th November 2017 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

Through MACCOPS, cooperatives will have the opportunity to highlight their products and services to global markets.