What's in ICAKL 2017

At our most interactive gathering to date, co-operators are invited to choose from our unique and diverse programme offerings to create a conference experience that aligns with their professional goals. Leave with knowledge, practical tools, skills, new contacts, business leads, and inspiration.

Building Development Partnerships For the Future We Want

Partnership is an essential mechanism in the co-operative toolbox to achieve their vision of a sustainable future. In the first part of this two-part session, hear from high-level representatives of the European Union and global civil society organisations and networks about the value of partnership and how co-operatives can make greater impacts in development processes through collaboration

The Collaborative Economy : What it is and why coops should care

Since the global financial crisis pf 2008-2009, we hear more and more about different approaches to business, different ideas about our globalised economy. Is this a backlash against the failures we saw nine years ago? What's new about this collaborative economy and how can co-operatives leverage this trend to our advantage? This session will explore the emerging business models that respond to people's needs and how co-operatives can demonstrate their longevity in providing sustainable livelihoods grounded in solidarity, democracy, and equity.

Co-op to co-op trade: Taking existing achievements to scale

While co-op to co-op trade (C2C trade) is a topic the Alli- ance and its members have long discussed, its achievement as a movement institution remains elusive. A report com- missioned by the Alliance in 2015 found that C2C trade in agriculture makes up less than 1% of the global agricultural trade sector, compared to 15% for trade between co-ops and non-co-ops.

Meanwhile, co-operatives around the world are solidifying their presence on global trade markets and usinge-commerce platforms and methodologies to achieve scale. What can we learn from these examples for national and regional development? How can we borrow and maximise on achievements and reproduce their successes in other partsof the world? This session will present some of these existing platforms and open a discussion for their replication in differ- ent regions and sectors for increased C2C trade.

Raising capital the co-operative way

Big and small, new and old, from banking to agriculture to handicrafts, co-operatives share a common challenge: securing reliable streams of capital while guaranteeing member control. Join this workshop on raising capital for start-up and growth activities and explore innovative mecha- nisms and strategies with peers. Experts from the financial co-operative industry, as well as co-operative development professionals, will guide brainstorming and share expert tips on how to identify the most appropriate capital instruments for co-operatives.

Networking hour:Governmental organisations as co-operative partners

Many officials from national governments and international organisations are working every day to make the administra- tive and regulatory environments more favourable to co-op- eratives. Come and meet colleagues from around the world that share the same interests and challenges.

Young Network Issues Discussion: Movement building through social media

In this session animated by the Alliance’s Youth Network, participants will network through an issues discussion in the style of ‘speed dating’ on ways to build the movement

through social media. Come meet young leaders and explore the critical factors that can boost the participation of young people in co-operatives.

The co-operative potential for the refugee crisis and new migrations

Migration is one of the biggest challenges of our time with large economic, social, and environmental consequences. Increased instability and political turmoil promise to only intensify the need for action. What role can co-operatives play to improve the livelihoods and security of migrants and refu- gees? How are co-operatives already making a difference? Join this session to learn about the state of refugee and mi- grant communities in the world, the potential for co-operative engagement and initiatives on the ground.

Advocacy 101: How to make your case to policymakers

The co-operative movement requires an enabling legal and regulatory environment to flourish. To make this happen, co- operators need to better advocate their cause to governments at the local, national, regional and global level. How can they be most successful? At this workshop, participants will learn how to approach policymakers, how to craft an effective posi- tion and how to manage an integrated lobbying strategy.

Meet and Greet with the Alliance Board candidates

Alliance members will have a chance to meet the candidates for the Alliance Global Board before elections at the General Assembly. Your questions are welcome!